A-five- Star Beauty

The long stretching beach, the cool waters, and the soft grass are laid at your feet. Situated on the beachfront, the waves whisper songs to your ears while your eyes daydream looking at the spectacular view.

Goddess of Bodrum

Getting its name from a life-giving generous Goddess, Goddess of Bodrum is a tempting queen lying from a green hill to a blue sea. Unforgettable memories blossoms in this paradise of peace and joy.

Goddess of Bodrum

Thıs summer also gıves color to your memorıes.

Goddess of Bodrum

Fabulous Food

5 Restaurants

In a panoramic view of the Mediterranean,
perfect tastes that fit this wonderful atmosphere …

Spa & Wellness Center

The Largest Spa Center of Bodrum

For your children…

Mini Club

Who said kids cause trouble during holidays?
At Isis Hotel, there are numerous possibilities and entertainment for young members of your family…