May 24, 2024
Angels and What Are Their Tasks?

For Muslims, one of the pillars of faith is to believe in angels. Unlike humans who were created from earth, angels are created from light or light. Angels are also said to have wings and not to eat or drink.

Angels are the most obedient creatures of Allah and never go against orders. In QS Al A’raf verse 206 it is stated that the angels who are with your Lord do not feel reluctant to worship Allah and they praise Him and only to Him do they prostrate.

According to Islamic teachings, the number of angels is very large and only Allah knows it. The names and duties of angels have been divided according to Allah’s decree. There are ten names of angels mentioned in the Quran. The following are the duties of angels according to Islam.

Angel Gabriel – Delivering Revelation

The task of the angel Gabriel is to convey God’s commands in the form of revelations to the Apostles and then convey them to his followers. In addition to conveying revelations, the angel Gabriel is also in charge of blowing the spirit to every fetus in the womb.

Angels and What Are Their Tasks?

Angel Mikail – Giving Sustenance to God’s Creatures

The task of the angel Mikail is to provide sustenance to all God’s creatures who live on earth. sustenance is not only in the form of material for humans, but also in the form of rain, wind, and plants.

Angel Israfil – Blowing the Trumpets

The task of the angel Israfil is to blow the trumpet or trumpet when the Day of Judgment arrives. According to the Quran, the angel Israfil will blow the trumpet twice, the first is to make all living things on earth die and the second is to wake him up on the day of resurrection.

Angel Azrael – Takes Lives

The task of the angel Azrael is to take the life of every creature on earth at the command of Allah. No living being can escape the fate of death that has been written by Allah.

Evil Angels – Asking Bad Charities in the Grave

The angel Munkar is tasked with asking living creatures while in the grave about the bad things that have been done during his life.

Angels and What Are Their Tasks?

Angel Nakir – Asking for Good Charity in the Grave

The angel Nakir will come along with the angel Munkar. It’s just that the angel Nakir will only ask about good things. Angel Nakir will lead to heaven if humans are able to account for all our good deeds during life.

Angel Raqib – Recording the Bad Charities of Humans During His Life

Every bad deed done by Adam’s children and grandchildren during their lifetime will be recorded to be accounted for on the day of reckoning. The angel Raqib is in charge of recording the bad deeds of humans.

Angel Atid – Recording Man’s Good Deeds During His Life

The task of the angel Atid is to record the good deeds of humans. According to some hadiths it is stated that the angels Raqib and Atid are on each shoulder of a living creature.

Angel Malik – Guarding the Doors of Hell

The angel Malik was ordered by Allah to guard the gates of hell.

Angel Ridwan – Guarding Heaven’s Door

The last angel is the angel Ridwan who was assigned by God to guard the gates of heaven.

Those are the duties of angels.

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