June 15, 2024
The Origin of the Mythology of the Greek Gods

The primodial, as the first generation of Greek gods and goddesses is more symbolic than the generations below it, in the beginning, all of that was nothing or void, after the first void appeared was chaos or Chaos, from Chaos then came Gaia.

Gia symbolizes the earth and is considered the mother of creation, under the earth there is tartarus one of the Primori, or hell.

Many are confused between Tartarus and his domain of Hides or underworld, underworld is the underworld, while hell is the world of the dead.

Tartarus is more of a place where the fiercest monsters and the most terrible criminals are banished and even gods can be imprisoned in Tartarus.

The Origin of the Mythology of the Greek Gods

From Chaos also emerged Erebus, which is darkness that will rule the earth, Erebus (darkness) and Nyx (night) unite to give birth to offspring, namely Aether (day) and Hemera (light).

Therefore they say the sun comes from darkness or Nyx we can also see things like, Fate (destiny), Doom (catastrophe), Sleep sleep, and Death (death).

Gaia gave birth to the mountain Uranus or Orea and also the ancient sea god (Ponthus).

While Uranus represents the beauty of the sky in all its beauty, and he tries to prove that he is equal to Gaia (mother earth)

Finally, Uranus is paired with Gaia, we usually find stories of Greek gods having an ‘incest’ or blood relationship.

Even in some versions, their marriage was created by the merits of Eros or the god of love, but for this version Eros is part of the third generation.

Then Gaia and Uranus produced offspring, namely the 12 titans, or the 2nd generation.

Gaia gave birth to three giant Cyclops as well as three terrifying Hekatonkheires.

But Uranus really hates his descendants, especially the terrible Hekatonkheires, because of his hatred for these children, Uranus puts back the children that Gaia gave birth to into his own womb.

The Origin of the Mythology of the Greek Gods

The pain that Gaia felt when Uranus did this, made her revenge and gave her children scythes to take revenge on Uranus.

But only one child dared to take Gaia’s revenge on Uranus, namely Cronus, the last child of the Titans generation.

At night when Uranus was sleeping soundly and having sweet dreams, Cronus came directly slashing Uranus’ genitals.

The blood that flows produces races of Giants or giants, Nympsh (fairies) and Feuries., Then Cronus throws Cronus’ genitals into the sea. And was born Aphrodite (goddess of beauty) until now Aphrodite is said to be created from the waves of the sea.

Uranus was then expelled to leave Earth, but he promised to take revenge on his children, especially Cronus.

After Uranus left, Cronus even exiled the giants and Hekatonkheires to Tartarus. And then Cronus ruled the earth.

And the 12 titan children of Gaia are, Coeus titan of intelligence and fortune-telling, Crius titan of the constellations, Lapetus titan of eternal life, Mnemosyne titan of memory, Oceanus titan of the sea, Themis titan of divine law, Rhea titan of fertility, Tethys titan of fresh water. Phoebe titan radiance, Thea titan of light, Hyperion titan of heavenly light, and lastly Cronus titan of time and age

The Origin of the Mythology of the Greek Gods

Among the titans there are the most famous ones are Atlas titan of endurance, Eos tita of dawn, Ephimetheus and Prometheus titan of reflection and regret, Helios titan of the sun, Leto titan of motherhood,.

After establishing himself as the leader of the titans, Cronus married his sister Rhea. They gave birth to the offspring known to Olympus, but Cronus was afraid of the prophecy of Uranus and Gaia which said that Cronus would be overthrown with his own offspring as he did to hi

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